Comedy!... Action!... Adventure!... Ants and Amphibians!


Newt and John is a fun comic series written for all ages to enjoy.

See them battle Aliens in outer-space!… Take on enemy jet fighters in the world's biggest paper airplane!… Fall through the center of the Earth and encounter strange creatures!… Jump over a shark in a death-defying waterski stunt!… Try so many ways to escape from a deserted island!... and much, much more!

John is a scientist with his own secret lab in the basement. He experiments, builds robots and cool vehicles which take them on all sorts of adventures. John uses his scientific knowledge, and things he finds along the way to get of them out of trouble… or sometimes make things worse!

Newt, is his sarcastic roommate. He tends to point out the errors in John's flawless logic… and likes to play pranks on John for sport… especially on April Fool's Day!

Newt and John have a fun optimism about life and every situation they get into. That is, when they're not getting on each other's nerves. Roommates tend to do that.

150 Pages of Funny Dialogue, Pop-Culture References, and Many Fun Stories await you in...

Newt and John: Two Roommates Take On The Universe!

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PARENTS - Newt and John contains no harsh swear words.
CLICK HERE for a list of the teasing words used in Newt and John.

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